Cath lab

Latest Allura Centron Cath Lab with Excellent IQ with 15" next-generation flat panel detector, Philips gold standard image processing technology, Advance stent boost technology, Designed for cardiac, peripheral and neurological interventional procedures. Up till date, we have performed approximately 25000 cases in cath lab

Shree Saibaba Heart Institute And Research Center
Dr. Dharmadhikari

Cardiovascular OT

This is the well equipped OT having the required facilities for cardiovascular thoracic procedures like Laminar air flow, Dragger Fabius plus anesthesia work station, Heart-lung machine, IABP, Dragger monitors, etc. We have done 2500 cardiac surgeries successfully. Total arterial on beating heart surgery using Left, Right, Mammary arteries. Advantage of arterial graft is longer patency of grafts or less chance of blocking of grafts. Our setup is well equipped to handle challenging cases like Redo & Awake CABG. We have the most expert team & competitive team to handle any types of Cardiovascular surgeries.

General OT

We have well equipped general operation theatre where cases of specialties like general surgery, joint replacement and arthroscopic surgeries, urosurgery, complex gynecological surgeries are performed.


Minimally invasive treatment of Varicose veins with Endolaser ablation & Sclerotherapy is available in Saibaba Heart Institute. It is more effective safer & less painful compared to surgery. It is a day care procedure and patient can resume basic activities immediately after procedure.

Stress Test and Holter Monitor

Stress Test : The patient is attached to the ECG machine . However, rather than lying down, the patient exercises by walking on a treadmill or pedaling a stationary bicycle while the ECG is recorded. This test is done to assess changes in the ECG during stress exercise.

Holter Monitor: A Holter monitor is an ECG recording done over a period of 24 or more hours.Electrodes are attached to the patient’s chest and connected to a small portable ECG recorder by lead wires. The patient goes about his/her usual daily activities during this procedure.
Stress Test & Holter Monitor procedures are done by our expert Doctors.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Keeping in mind holistic treatment and post surgical health of our patients, we offer a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation plan. Our services include:

  1. Post CABC management
  2. Yoga and exercise for Cardiac Patients
  3. Physiotherapy
  4. Post Angioplasty management
  5. Diet management for Cardiac Patients

Clinical Research

Research at out site has a wide array of goals, which understands the etiology and process of disease. It identifies and evaluates the potential and outcomes of the treatment, by which we can study the policies related to the delivery of services.

Reasons to participate in clinical research

  1. Assist in collection of scientific information.
  2. Address questions of local importance.
  3. Raise scholarly standards.
  4. Build reputation among peers and community.
  5. Encourage creativity and independent thinking.
  6. Provide novel therapies for their patients.

Critical Care Services - Intensive Care Cardiac Care Unit (ICCU)

Our ICCU is managed round the clock with qualified and experienced medical and paramedical staff. We have a well equipped and fully air-conditioned unit having life-saving and supportive equipments like

  1. Monitors
  2. Dialysis Machine
  3. Central Oxygen system
  4. Defibrillator
  5. Cardiac Pacemaker machines
  6. Central Suction System
  7. Ventilators
  8. Pulse Oxymeter