Advanced Cath Lab

Latest Allura Centron Cath Lab with Excellent IQ with 15" next-generation flat panel detector, Philips gold standard image processing technology, Advance stent boost technology, Designed for cardiac, peripheral and neurological interventional procedures. Up till date, we have performed approximately 38229 cases in cath lab.

Cardiac Operation Theatre

We have well equipped OT having required facilities like Laminar air flow, Dragger Fabius plus anesthesia work station, Heart-lung machine, IABP, Dragger monitors, etc. We have done more than 3060 cardiac surgeries successfully over the last 14 years like total arterial bypass graft on beating hear. Advantages of arterial graft are longer patency of grafts and less chance of blockage. Our setup is well equipped to handle challenging cases like Redo & Awake CABG. We have the most expert & competitive team to handle any types of Cardiovascular surgeries.

General OT
General Operation Theatre

We have well equipped general operation theatre where 958 general surgeries, 400 joint replacement, and 240 arthroscopic surgeries, 445 Spine surgeries, 730 urological surgeries, complex gynecological surgeries are performed.


Minimally invasive treatment of Varicose veins with Endolaser ablation & Sclerotherapy is available in Saibaba Heart Institute. It is more effective, safer & less painful compared to surgery. It is a day care procedure and patient can resume basic activities immediately after procedure.


Managed round the clock with qualified and experienced medical and paramedical staff. we have well equipped and fully air-conditional unit having all life saving and supportive equipments.

Dialysis Unit

We have the latest B-Braun and Fresenius Dialysis Machines with a team of experienced Nephrologists and well qualified experienced dialysis technicians with the back-up of intensive care unit.

Stress Test

An exercise stress test is used to determine how well your heart responds during times when it's working its hardest. During the test, you'll be asked to exercise — typically on a treadmill — while you're hooked up to an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine. This allows your doctor to monitor your heart rate & ECG changes.

Holter Monitor

A Holter monitor is an ECG recording done over a period of 24 or more hours. Electrodes are attached to the patient’s chest and connected to a small portable ECG recorder by lead wires. The patient goes about his/her usual daily activities during this procedure. It can pick up not only your heart’s rate and rhythm but also when you feel chest pains or exhibit symptoms of an irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring allows many blood pressure readings to be recorded over 24 hour period, whether the patient is awake or asleep. It is a way of measuring and managing high blood pressure.


Philips Affinity CVx, Philips Affinity-30, Color Doppler, Adult, Pediatric, and TEE is available for cardiac evaluation.


The hospital has a fully well-equipped radiology department with hi-tech equipment like 4D Sonography, Mammography, and Digital X-Ray.


Power Supply

To ensure uninterrupted power, our Hospital is equipped with two 125 KV Generators that provides continuous power supply to all areas of the hospital.


Our hospital is equipped with 2 lifts, one for visitors and one exclusively for patients.


SSHIRC has a fully equipped in-house Pathology laboratory. Our lab is fully automated and is supervised by Dr. Mahendra Rajole, MD(Pathology).

Canteen Facilities

The necessity of canteen has been felt by the patients especially those who come from outstation. We provide clean and hygienic food to the patients which is the primary aim of starting the canteen.

Parking Facility

Adequate Parking Facility in the hospital, also there is a paid parking in front of the hospital

24 Hour Cardiac Ambulance Service

24/7 Cardiac Ambulance Service

Hospital Wards And Rooms

We are equipped with a total of 50 beds in the hospital.
Our rooms are as follows:

Deluxe Air-conditioned Room

Air conditioned room with a Television (TV) , Refrigerator, Cabinet, Attendant’s Bed, Couch, Hot & Cold Water. We have two deluxe rooms.

Semi Special Room
Special Room

Our Special rooms are equipped with a Cabinet, Attendant’s Bed, and Hot & Cold Water. We have three special rooms.

Semi- Special Room

Our Semi-Special rooms are equipped with an Attendant’s Bed, and Hot & Cold Water. Our Semi-Special rooms have a capacity of 12 beds.

General Ward

Our General ward has private spaces separated by curtain tracks. We have a capacity of 13 beds

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