Why Annual Medical Check-Up ?

The advantages of an annual medical check-up include detection and subsequent prevention or early treatment for conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes heart disease, and various cancers. Moreover, they improve the patients physician relationship and decrease patients anxiety. Our packages are designed to suit the lifestyle of varied individuals, busy professionals to housewives, senior citizens.

Shree Saibaba Heart Institute and Research Center LLP

The Package Includes
1 2D Echocardiography (screening)
3 X-Ray Chest ( screening)
4 USG Abdomen (screening)
5 Lipid Profile
6 BSL Fasting & PP
7 CBC with 18 parameters including Hemoglobin, White blood cell count & platelet count
8 Urine Routine
9 Sr. Uric Acid
10 Sr. Creatinine
11 Physician check up
12 Body Mass Index
13 Thyroid Function Test (T3, T4, TSH)
14 HbA1c
Package Charge Rs. 3000/- (Three Thousand Only)
# Optional Tests
1 Stress Test ₹1000.00
2 Pulmonary Function test ₹400.00
3 Gynac check up with PAP Smear by liquid base cytology Method without HPV ₹2500.00
4 Gynac check up with PAP Smear by liquid base cytology Method with HPV ₹4500.00
5 Mammography ₹1500.00
6 Liver Function test ₹300.00
7 Gynac Consultation ₹200.00
8 Ortho Consultation ₹200.00
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